Animal Care:

Grooming areas provide essential care for healthy animals. Trained employees brush down the animals after training / riding.

Stalls are engineered to protect the animal, as well as provide safety to the owners. Our showers provide an environment for thorough animal cleaning.

We provide plenty of sawdust and quality hay feed for stall comfort and nourishment. We feed only top quality hay at Country View Equestrian Center. Our hay is a locally grown grass/alfalfa mix. Upon special request we can provide 100% grass hay for a seaonally adjusted fee.

In addition, all horses at the stable are fed a diet as recommended by a trained nutritionist. We believe that nutrition is of the utmost importance. We feed Spirit Plus Nutrition. Spirit Plus is a specially formulated feed that allows us to feed each horse 100% of their daily nutritional needs while feeding small portions with very little sugars or carbohydrates. The feed also includes a special formula to help keep coats glossy and smooth year round. Stop out and see how shiny and healthy the horses are!










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