Outdoor pastures and riding arena allow animal and rider an opportunity to feel the breeze in their hair. The lush green hills, forested areas, and gentle water way provide a relaxed environment for riding.

Two riding areas provide safe training areas for animals.

The indoor riding area is 80' x120' and the outdoor riding area 100' x 200'. All riding areas are surrounded by "soft" fences to protect the animals, and yet establish perimeter control.

For training, our indoor arena provides plenty of room for exercise. The arena is well lighted with a convenient covered access way to stalls and grooming areas. Facilities are available for gait training and jumping.

Country View Equestrian Center also has a short, but very diverse cross country course. We have many different jumps as well as up and down hill areas to gallop. We have different heights, ranging from 2' to 3' 6". We have a drop, a foffin, a few different looking coups, boxes, and ramps.


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