Our Lesson Staff:

Brandi Widmer is the Office Manager and Instructor at Country View
Equestrian Center. She earned her USDF Silver medal this year and is now
working towards her USDF gold medal with a horse she has trained herself. Her
horse is half Arabian and is named Sunny. She regularly takes lessons from
instructors from all over the country. She currently shows Sunny on the Class A
Arabian circuit as well as the open dressage circuit. Brandi has a degree in
Equine Management from Ellsworth Community College. While at Ellsworth she
showed on the Intercollegiate Show Team in jumping, Hunter Under Saddle,
and Western. She was also on the judging team that they took to Quarter Horse

Brandi attended the Region II Arabian Sport Horse Dressage Show and was
awarded the Region II Prix St. George Champion with a score of 62.3%. She
was also the Region II Show Hack Champion and earned a top 5 in Half
Arabian Sport Horse Under Saddle. Brandi has years of experience teaching all
ages and skill levels. She is a very patient person and loves to meet new people
and their horses.

In 2012 Brandi and Sunny made their Grand Prix debut with a score of 62.5%.
With one more score she will have her Gold medal on a horse that she has
trained. Her upcoming youngster, a Fresian Arabian mare made a successful
third level debut this year.

Crimson Pulver is the Senior Trainer and Instructor at Country View
Equestrian Center. She currently has her USDF Rider Achievement awards in
1st and 2nd levels. This year her goal is to achiever her USDF bronze medal on
her half Arabian, Le Meistro. Le Meistro is a horse that she has had for four
years. She currently shows Le Meistro in the Class A Arabian Circuit and the
open dressage circuit. She has done all of his dressage training herself.

She also takes lessons with a many different instructors as she can. She has years
of experience, starting with her 4-H career where she did all her own training
and produced a horse that is still going strong in the open show circuit.

Highland Community College

Crimson and Brandi have recently helped head up a new program at Highland
Community College in Freeport Illinois. Freeport is just across the Wisconsin/Illinois
border, less than a 20 minute drive. With their help an Equine Science program was
developed and approved by the Illinois Board of Education. Highland now offers an
Associates Degree of Equine Science as well as certificates in Equine Massage, Stable
Management, and Riding Instruction. The classes are held both on campus and at
Country View. Crimson and Brandi each teach some of the classes. Crimson teaches
Handling 1 & 2 and Training 1 & 2. Brandi teaches Riding 1, Horse Shoeing, and Equine
Healthcare 1 & 2. On site classes are restricted to small classes which allows for
individual attention from instructors and hands on experience. The coursework is
extensive, with classes such as equine physiology, equine evaluation, riding instruction,
nutrition, and equine management. The curriculum also includes 300 hours of workplace
experience, computer skills, communication, accounting, math, business, marketing and
general management. The programs goal is to offer a broad, basic education with both
theory and necessary live application of skills and concepts leading graduates to entry
positions in the industry.


Staff Awards


Arabian Sport Horse Nationals - 2013

Crimson and Brandi went to Lexington, VA to Arabian Sport Horse Nationals. Both competed in Grand Prix dressage, Intermediare II dressage and HA/AA Show Hack. Crimson received a National Top 10 in each of those classes. Brandi made it to the finals in HA/AA Show Hack, but did not receive a Top 10. Brandi did receive a Top 10 in Intermediare II dressage and was the National Champion in Grand Prix dressage. It was a very exciting trip.


Arabian Sport Horse Nationals - 2011

In 2011 Brandi competed in Lexington, Kentucky at Arabian Sport Horse Nationals. She
rode Prix St. George Open and Intermediare II. In both classes she was awarded a
national Top Tens.

Arabian Horse Show - 2009

At the 2009 Arabian Sport Horse Nationals, Crimson, Sheila, and Brandi competed with their half-arabians, Meistro, Emmagination, and Sunny, respectively. Crimson was awarded a National Top 10 in Third Level Dressage. Out of 36 horses, Crimson & Meistro placed 6th. Sheila and Emmagination competed in Training Level Dressage where they tied for 10th place. They also competed in Sport Horse Under Saddle, where they made it into the finals, but unfortunately only placed on one judges card. Brandi and Sunny also competed in Sport Horse Under Saddle, where they made it into the final round and placed 4th overall out of 58 horses.


Arabian Horse Show - 2008

Sheila Fry brought home a top five in Training Level Amateur to Ride at the Arabian Horse Show Region 10. Brandi Widmer, riding Sonny took champion in Half Arabian Show Hack, reserve champion in Prix St George, and top five in both 4th Level Dressage and Sport Horse Under Saddle Half Arabian.


Photo - Brandi Widmer



Monroe women Crimson Pulver and Sheila Fry recently attended the Arabian Sport Horse Nationals in Lexington, Va., from Sept. 26 to 30.

Crimson Pulver


Pulver, with her horse Le Meistro, earned a top-10 placement in the Open Second Level Dressage class. Her score of 64.6 percent was enough to place her third in the class of 14. Fry rode her horse Emagination to a top-10 finish in the Sport Horse
Under Saddle Amateur to Ride class. After qualifying in the first round, being selected in the semifinals and riding in the finals, Fry and Emagination placed fourth in the class of 73 horses.

Sheila Fry


The Arabian Sport Horse Nationals show includes dressage, hunter, jumper, carriage driving, sport horse in-hand and under saddle classes. Pulver and Fry qualified for the national show by placing in the top five at the Regional Championship earlier
this year.







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