Country View Equestrian Center

2010 Dressage & Combined Training Schooling Show

Show date:  August 7, 2010

Judge: Tracey Dikkers


Class List:  (dressage entry fee $15 per class)
1. Intro Test A
2. Intro Test B
3. Training Level Test 1
4. Training Level Test 2
5. Training Level Test 3
6. Training Level Test 4
7. First Level Test 1
First Level Tests 2, 3 & 4 percentage
9. Second level percentage
USEA 2006 dressage tests percentage
11. "Try Again Class" Repeat a test from class 1-10.
12. Dressage Equitation. (Entry fee $5)
Combined Tests (Entry fee $20)
     A. Pre-beginner Novice: USEA Beginner Novice A and stadium fences up to 2’
     B. Beginner Novice: USEA Beginner Novice A and stadium fences up to 2’6”
     C. Novice: USEA Novice A and stadium fences up to 2’11”
     D. Training: USEA Training A and stadium fences up to 3’3”
15. Extra stadium round or stadium round only: (Entry Fee $5)

a.  Ground Poles (only for intro level riders)

b.  Cross rails (only for intro or training level riders)

c.  Pre-beginner level up to 2’

d.  Beginner Novice level up to 2’6”

e.  Novice level up to 2’11”

f.  Training up to 3’3”


Riders Name: ______________________________________










Owner’s Name:____________________________________


Horse’s Name:_____________________________________


Please enclose all of the following:

o         Copy of 2010 negative Coggins.

o         Check enclosed: __________(amt)

o         Rider and owner must BOTH sign this entry

o         If you would like a stall, please enclose an additional $5 and mark this box. Stable with: ______________________


Class #             Class Description                                  Fee


______                        ___________________                                  ______


______                        ___________________                                  ______


______                        ___________________                                  ______


______                        ___________________                                  ______


Anyone riding on the property must sign a release! As soon as you arrive, please see the show secretary to sign a release and present your coggins. Minors attending without a parent may call ahead and have a release faxed or emailed.


Signature of Rider or Parent of Rider:______________________________



Mail entries to N2192 Clarno Rd, Monroe WI 53566

Make checks payable to Country View Equestrian Center